Before we jump on to discussing the life at workplaces and unfair work treatment  in Australia, let’s just look at life in Australia. Is it normal for everyone? Is there discriminations? Work hour’s differences? What work rights do I have. Do I have access to unfair dismissals?, Can I complain?, Who do I complain to? We get these calls all the time, people from New Zealand and Great Britain where workplace unfair work treatment and rights are well established though to migrants from Africa and Asian countries where there are no workplace laws. Work life in Australia behind the curtains is worth a read after all 30 percent of all employees are foreign born.

Many migrant employees are on sponsored visa’s from their employers and they simply don’t want to rock the boat when a problem rises of unfair work treatment. In turn these unfair work treatment employees think they subjected to being deported. Migration and workplace rights are a confusing maze out there. I’ve written over 300 articles in the last 2 years and I have never struggled to find a topic to write about.

Well, life in Australia has never been easy for anyone living there. Yet alone new arrivals. It is because everyone has to earn, meet the requirements set for the standard of living, the rising economy after COVID, inflation and competition. Time is running out, as machines or robots take over. (think about the hundred’s of thousands of truck drivers that will be thrown out of work when driverless trucks arrive). This makes person’s life difficult and hectic. Australian standard of living is increasingly under threat. But so is the rest of the world.

As Unfair Dismissal Australia do happen on a regular basis as most states in the United States are at-will states. Which mean that an employer and an employee have the right to leave a position without notice. The employer has to keep an employee's records for a certain period of time. The employee can file for unemployment wages, however, the unemployment office will conduct an investigation and determine if the separation was legitimate or not.